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Anoeska’s Easel Superset Made Shiftable
Jessa made  a request for Anoeska’s paintings to be made shiftable awhile back and as far as I can tell no one else has done it. 
Note: They shift but there are limitations — they only shift half way down the wall.
It’s the best I was able to do with the time I was willing to spend on this and I suspect I would not have been able to make these shift like normal paintings even if I dug deeper into it. Even though it’s limited you can still get a nice arrangement, especially with the smaller paintings, so I decided to share what I was able to do.   
The file names remain the same so if you already have the easels allow these files to overwrite the old ones.  If you’re downloading for the first time everything you need is included in the zip.  See Anoeska’s original upload thread for details.  
Credits:  These are entirely Anoeska’s work.  The only changes I made were the necessary BHAV edits to make them shift. 
 Download @MediaFire
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The Sims™ 4 Poster
Sims 4 promotional poster from the Sims 3 Store (which is free for Sims 3 players) for the Sims 2. 
Catalog Sort:  Decorative / Wall - $250
102 Faces, 110 Vertices
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Island Appliances (Maxis appliances edited to work with island counters) are available for download at MTS.  I’ve wanted these for so long — mainly to hide those ugly basegame appliances — but better late, than never. 
I’m especially happy with these so I hope you enjoy them.  :-)
You can view all of my CC at my Download Gallery.
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"Glass Contained" by Helmut Speagle floor shelf from Aurora Skies (and emptied version) are available at MTS.
You can view all of my CC at my Download Gallery.
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I’m cleaning out my projects folder and uploaded some odd ball Sims 3 conversions that were part of projects I’m never going to finish.
Download @MTS
You can view all of my CC at my Download Gallery.
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Grills Galore!  Three of my favorite grills from Sims 3 converted for Sims 2.  
Download at Mod The Sims
You can view all of my CC at my Download Gallery.
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The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Wisteria for Sims 2.
Download @MTS.
You can view all of my CC at my Download Gallery.
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The Pride & Joy Refrigerator from the Sims 3 store world, Aurora Skies, is available for download @MTS.
ETA: Argh, I didn’t mean to post this yet!  It’s still in the moderation queue and hasn’t been approved yet, I’m sorry.  I guess you can consider this a coming soon post instead.
They’re available for real this time and much faster than I thought at that — less than 24 hours!
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Fjodsnord Tiered Shelves - Recolors 
1 Neutral/Pastel recolor of the deco
3 BG wood recolors of the shelves - Ash, Cherry and Mahogany
Download @MediaFire
They’re also available @MTS.Photo Credits:Umlautaspiel Chair @MTS
  11. Here’s a black recolor (by request) of the Mansions & Gardens archway, “Frame of Preference” by Morocco Modern Living. Download @MediaFire
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5 Day Pregnancy Mod
 Pregnancy - 24 Hours Till Showing
 Pregnancy - 72 Hours Till Full Show
 Pregnancy - 120 Hours Till Birth
Credits:This is just a quick edit of Zirconia Wolf’s 15 Day Pregnancy Mod at Simbology in response to a WCIF thread at MTS because I liked the idea of having a few more days to talk to baby bumps. There’s a 2 day version by Imalia at GoS as well.  If you’re at all familar with SimPE it’s simple to make your own version — just edit the 3 “Hour Till” lines shown above, commit and save. 
Download @MediaFire
GoS 2013 Egghunt Contribution
Here’s the Go Bananas Swing from the Sims 3 Animals Abound store set.  You can find links to the other pieces of the set that were converted at the TS3 to TS2 Conversion Database.
Catalog Sort:Hobbies / Recreation $450
Terms of Use:None.  If you’d like to recolor this the PSD template is HERE.
Poly Counts:Faces 1698, Vertices 2438
Credits:SimPE, s3oc, s3pe, Gimp 2.8, Milkshape, and EA for the meshes and textures. 
Photo Credits:Sandbox
Download @MediaFire
  15. Here’s the Sims 3 Umlautaspiel Chair paired w/ the FLATWOUD Dining Table.  Includes a 1 tile version of the table.
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